In Microscale at Metallo Gallery

In Microscale is an annual show of miniature artworks hosted by Metallo Gallery in Madrid, NM. The show is now in its fifth year, and the art is as diverse and interesting as ever. This is a fun little show, with lots of affordable work, and it's a great reason to take a day trip to Madrid. 

I love visiting Madrid, as it is not only a sleepy town full of history, but it's full of art as well. You can't throw a rock without hitting a gallery (but you probably shouldn't test that out). In addition to the many galleries, a few metaphysical shops, and some pretty unique thrift stores, there are two great restaurants right across the street from one another: The Mine Shaft Tavern and The Hollar. Depending on what you're in the mood for, either is worth a stop for lunch or dinner. The Hollar serves elevated Southern comfort food (I recommend the crispy chicken and grits and the ridiculously huge chocolate tower cake), while the Mine Shaft (can't go wrong with a burger) is a large, classic biker bar that frequently has blues bands on either the indoor or outdoor stage.

Anyway, if you do end up going to Madrid sometime soon, check out In Microscale which will be running through June 2nd.